Coda; the concluding passage of a piece or movement, typically forming an addition to the basic structure. Precoda; a blog is about the movement and basic structure of my thoughts; shared.

My name is Wayne Wolder and I have a lot to share. Anyone who has met me probably knows this. What they may fail to get is that I am keenly interested in what you have to share as well. It is through sharing that we give insight into ourselves and others. In person, I don’t often ask questions but present an opportunity for others to decide what they wish to share through abstract association. Interaction is simply a box of puzzle pieces thrown in the air where connections are made by happenstance more then procedure. Where will you land is the exciting part.


This complexity I call my life has been about the adventures of doing and intellectual pursuits of seeing the world simply to expand my understanding. During that time I have worked  in and around information technology, security, encryption, politics, and also focused on the businesses I have built. I have gained some unique experience due to working mainly as a consultant and not taking the easy path so many times.

Life is mostly about connecting the dots. We all have dreams and obligations that require a path to walk (or run) to achieve. Achieving dreams, I believe, should be what life is about. So many of us forgo our dreams in the pursuit of happiness though. Sharing my thoughts is part of what leads to my happiness. You could say I’m not your normal stock photo: Exhibit A

So here is another venue to share my thoughts and the dots I see in the hope of amusing or enlightening you, engaging you. I welcome feedback and comments. They are the fuel that expands ideas and transforms dreams. If there is one thing I have learned, dreams that metamorphisize from outside my own grow into so much more.

I hope to read your opinions and thoughts on my own and that we may find enlightenment or entertainment together.